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Onion dehydrating process at Ali Foods is total scientific procedure. Procedure starts from raw onion purchase. Buying department keeps monitoring good crop of onions around entire region. After getting good crop, onions moves to Ali Foods storage department which is specially designed for keeping onions fresh till it take place for the dehydration process.

Before moving onions for the dehydration process onions are sorted as per size and damaged onions get removed.

Selected onions are getting washed and move to cutting department. Yes, cutting process being done by humans. Though Ali Food's has designed special dress code for workers, it includes hand gloves and apron.

Sliced and washed onions are fed in imperial machines and dehydrated at the required temperature by the steam generated by fire-boiler.

A five-belt conveyor is used that passed through temperature controls, air flow and retention stages to ensure the elimination of optimum amount of moisture. The dehydrated onions are free of balancing and sulphites keeping the flavours and aroma intact.